Friday, June 4, 2010

One Job! Two job! Clog job! New job!

I've signed back on to well Mary Kay cosmetics again! In the past, I had a hard time getting good support and good training. Now everything is falling into place. It's funny because my thoughts upon signing back up for 20 bucks was that I could get the skin care and makeup that I love for wholesale! Woot! But upon further contemplation, I really wanted some extra income and a "second job" that is really flexible. And my director is really an awesome lady! She believes in me and gives me excellent guidance. As I've started to put everything together (ie. inventory, website, training, etc.) friends, family, and co-workers have really blown me away with their touching support and great advice! It really means a LOT to me because I was a little apprehensive about being the "crazy Mary Kay lady". But I have found that I am so surrounded by people who love me and want me to succeed that it's not that kind of situation at all. And I'm so touched! I'm just going to pour myself into it like any other job and make it stellar. I'm really curious to know who's gonna show up to my par-tay on June 15th....we'll see....

So, as I start to plan for my future I'm getting more excited, than nervous and freaking out. I'm starting to dream, and to get all psyched up! Woot! Another related adventure was shopping for more professional (and cute!) clothes to do parties and facials in! And, guess what?? Most of the pants and a nice jacket I bought were size 16!! I just couldn't believe it! Only a year ago I was a 20-22! It's been a bit of a challenge lately not being able to eat normally with my new braces and splints (mostly soft and liquid foods), but now I'm kinda thinkin' it's WORTH IT! It's changing some of my eating habits and attitudes about food. Which wasn't happening easily before. It's interesting too because a few months to a year ago I was talking about weight loss with a friend of mine and she talked about giving it up to God and not beating yourself up over it. So, I prayed about it a bit(I'll confess consistent praying is not a strength of mine) with some heartfelt tears and discussion, and I'd like to believe the braces are a bit of an unexpected tool. Perhaps...

As I mentioned before my day dreaming is leading me to think I could achieve my goal of owning an elliptical trainer! Which would really accelerate my goal to be a healthier weight! But I'm also excited about Mary Kay because the product is awesome and I get to meet new people! I LOVE new people! And having parties and helping women feel awesome is a great avenue for me to blossom as well. Maybe I'll have a Sexy Career Woman photo shoot?! It could be fun....

Brandon is back from his trip to Toronto for business. I was pretty pitiful last week as Brandon was gone for three whole days! I wasn't sleeping well, or eating well. But I missed him sooooo much! Things just aren't the same when he's not around. :) His flight even got delayed Thursday night, so he was stuck in Vancouver BC, and couldn't get home until Friday morning. I felt bad for him, and it only prolonged my torture! So, what did I do after days of holding out and starving!? What any woman in my position would do! I drove to Sonic and ordered myself some tots and a Cheddar N Pepper burger. I had to carefully eat it with a fork and knife, but it proved to be pretty tasty, but not a substitute for Brandon. :( So, my love arrived home on Friday morning to a rockin' breakfast of sausage, eggs, and oven-warmed Nazooks! And then after I smooched him into submission. :o Then he said he had a surprise for me! And I couldn't believe it could get any more wonderful having him home, but he got me a gift from his travels! I opened the tiny velvety box and there was a set of synthetic ruby and Swarovski crystal earrings! They are so gorgeous! The man knows how to woo a wife! :) He is so sweet, and I'm pretty sure he is the best hubby of all time. I instantly put them in my ears and proudly wore them all day.

Which reminds me the "How to be a more Godly Wife" class is going really well. I love it! It's really insightful, and helps me to look inward and reflect more on how I communicate and response to my interactions with my loving, sweet husband. I highly recommend it. The only downside is that it's FAR....away in Wilsonville. Because of the timing we have been carpooling the super secret back way to avoid traffic. However, it does give us copious amounts of time to have girl talk. Which I have REALLY treasured, and it has brought me closer to two good friends of mine. And it's really made me more comfortable with communicating with Brandon, including something really wonderful...Brandon and I have been praying at night as a couple. It has been an excellent way to settle in for the night, calm and focus my mind, and bring me closer to Brandon. Well, speaking of awesome husbands, I need to wrap this up and go have a date night! Yay!

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  1. Catie, I love hearing about all your wonderful adventures and growth with Brandon as a couple! I know prayer with Carl at night has made a huge difference in my life and we definitely notice if we forget to do that! That class sounds pretty fun- girl time with plenty of girl talk is hard to beat :) Love ya sis!

    ps- I don't wear any make-up on a regular basis except for pricey/fantastic mascara, so you are now my go-to gal for MK Ultimate Mascara! Can't wait to make a purchase when I run out of my current tube!