Monday, April 26, 2010

I got braces at 31yrs!!

My teeth are still sore and it makes eating and kissing a lot less fun. But most of all I abhore flossing more than I ever have! Brandon had to give me support after I broke down last night bawling and drooling with floss hanging halfway outta my mouth. The image is fairly comical now, but at the time other painful tortures or even death sounded preferrable.

Brandon has been absolutely wonderful through the whole process of oral surgery and braces. He's helped around the house, pampered me, and tried to help ease my mind. I love him so much!! As far as diet goes I'm getting a little burnt out on soft foods and soups. But it's one of the best diets Ive been on!

I'm almost done reading the most known works of the great Jane Austen, even "Lady Susan". A short story full of drama. But Im about to dive into Mansfield Park. We'll see how the story unfolds. So far I think my faves are Emma, Northanger Abbey, and the good ol' P&P(can't seem to get enough of the book or the movie). Well, must get on with the day. Mr. Hendrix is making all his goofy noises at me that mean he needs to go outside.

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