Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Epic Battle of Girl Vs. Braces Goes On!

So, I was so productive yesterday that I expected to wake today and take on the world once more! However, my teeth had a different plan. Upon taking a sip of water in the morning a couple of my teeth were throbbing with pain! After calling my orthodontist and leaving a pitiful message, I continued my day in the hopes that this pain would subside and that I could just go forward with eating and accomplishing all my awesome plans. Well, the pain continued to be a nuisance, and I also discovered that cool air aggravates it as well. While trying to get things done the discomfort made me crabby and snippy at my loving husband. After having a horrible ordeal trying to get a newly purchased wheelbarrow into my sedan (another long story) along with 8 bags of paver's sand, I had had it and bawled for about 5mins in the car in order to pull-it together and go into Lowe's to get a couple more things. Yikes!

So, finally made it home and took a shower and some ibuprofen. In the middle of shaving my legs I ran out of hot water, which made a relaxing shower anything but. So, I opted not to go to Salem to visit Brandon's grandparents whom I love dearly because I would only feel like a crabby ol' stick in the mud.

On an unrelated tangent, I REALLY want an elliptical trainer in my family room. I cleaned and reorganized the whole thing in order to make space for it. An added bonus to my obsessive cleaning tactic is that now the family room is more cozy and focuses on the fireplace more. :) Happy times! I need to go take some pictures of all my hard work planting flowers! Maybe I'll post them next time. Till then, keep yer britches up and eat some ice cream.


  1. Catie, you're fantastic! I can't believe you got braces though, ya crazy! Sometimes I want to get braces again since my bite is crooked, but then I decide that I can't go through it all again... you're such a trooper!

  2. OH! Thanks Tracey! It's really rough getting braces, but it had to be done. I'll probably get them off when you're baby boy is about two years old! Can you believe it?!